Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beyond The Beach ?

Beyond The Beach is an open online platform connecting locals with travelers and persons wishing to discover their country from another angle.

We are dedicated to proposing authentic offers that promote local culture with friendly and welcoming  persons.


Is registration free?

Registration is free for providers and for the Guests.


How and when will I receive the contact information of the provider after my booking ?

If you have just made a booking request, you will not receive the contact details of the service provider immediately but will have to wait for his/her booking  and payment confirmation. As soon as the reservation is confirmed you will receive in less than 24h his/her contact details.


Is it reliable?

Every provider is met and tested by our team in order to guarantee high quality offers.

The payment process is secured through a payment system offered by our service provider.


Can I participate if I have food allergies ?

Of course you can ! You just need to inform your host who will then prepare dishes compatible with your allergy or simply choose within the menu offers that suit you.

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