Stopover in Martinique: try some of our authentic excursions

Stopover in Martinique authentic excursions

Stopover in Martinique: try some of our authentic excursions

Stopover in Martinique authentic excursionsWhy should you make a stopover in Martinique? Did you ever dream of the beautiful island in the French Antilles? Check out the tours organized by Beyond the beach!

A stopover in la Martinique is of course a must. You cannot miss it.  There, you can choose some of our walking and hiking tours or, if you prefer, some sea trips. The island is full of amazing landscapes that you need to discover. Beyond the beach created some amazing itinerary for you in order to make you live an authentic adventure.

Do not worry; Beyond the beach keeps in mind every little detail. All you need to do is to enjoy the moment! Ready to discover some of our tours? Let’s get started.

Be a part of an authentic excursion in Martinique

Martinique is famous without any doubt for its beautiful beaches and its turquoise water. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail on the beach and to go swimming.

You can also discover an island full of History, a rich culture and some very diverse landscapes. Our guide will be happy to share all his or her knowledge with you. Beyond the beach offers you the possibility to discover some typical places of Martinique. On the Southern part, you will explore the pottery village of Trois-Ilets, built in 1783 in a former Jesuit monastery. It is the oldest company of Martinique where terra cotta became a part of an industrial process. But you can still find some handmade artisanal potteries. There, you can also admire some old potteries in terra cotta and typical Creole houses. It is a perfect way to immerse yourself in Martinican culture.

During this tour, you will also visit another village called Anses d’Arlets. It is a fisherman’s village where you can enjoy the calm of this place and its beautiful streets and beaches. You can also do some snorkeling and swim with sea turtles, tropical fishes and discover amazing corals.

The island, as you might know, is mostly catholic. You can therefore visit the Church of Balata, also called the Sacré-Coeur Church of Martinique, built in 1925. It is indeed a miniature version of the Basilica of Sacré Coeur in Paris. This church has been built for the new inhabitants of Fort-de-France.

Different landscapes to discover during your stopover in Martinique

All day long you might enjoy some breathtaking landscapes. But one of your most beautiful pictures will probably be taken from the Diamond Rock. This giant seaside rock has once been used by the British army as a fort. Discover more about this island during your sea trip.

Furthermore, during your stopover in Martinique, you need to discover our white sand beaches. You won’t be disappointed. Do not miss the beach from le Carbet. The ocean is calm and transparent; relax on this famous black sand beach while looking at the “Montagne Pelée”. This is the place where Christophe Colomb arrived in Martinique, for the first time, in 1502.

During your stopover, do not miss to discover the tropical forests. Let’s admire the waterfall of Saut du Gendarme and its amazing surroundings. You can also have a trip until the Alma River, also called the white river. There, you can go for a swim.

Discover the island’s history during your stopover in Martinique

Unfortunately, Martinique wasn’t always a calm and beautiful place. It has also a painful past. The Cap 100 memorial has been built in order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. Let’s never forget it. 15 monumental white statues are reminding us of the slave trade between America, Europe and Africa.

During your stopover, you will also discover the ruins of Saint Pierre, another painful past of our island. In 1902, the volcano Montagne Pelée destroyed the city of Saint Pierre causing the death of 30 000 peoples. After this tragedy, nobody lived in Saint Pierre during the next 20 years.

Fort Saint Louis is a seaside fortress in la Martinique. It is a vestige of the past but also a military naval base that is still used. It is the only naval base of the whole Caribbean. Its fortress has been built at the end of the 17th century and is still well preserved. You can visit it and enjoy a beautiful view.

During your stopover, taste some of our local foods!

Do you like to taste some rum? Beyond the beach will give you the opportunity to visit a distillery. In the Southern part of the island, you can learn more about the artisanal way of producing rum. While in the Northern part, you can visit one of the last distilleries of the island. It is the distillery Neisson Rum. This family business is famous for his white rum. Let’s discover the different steps of fabrication. At the end, you might try some of their best rums and buy a bottle or two!

What about enjoying some local foods during your stopover in Martinique? While having some food tasting, you can explore the city, admire some amazing historical monuments and learn more about our gastronomy. Let’s discover some tropical fruits, some traditional local dishes or sweeties. Beyond the beach made the best selection for you.

Do not forget to relax on the island of Chancel!

During your stopover, you can enjoy a calm and relaxing hiking tour on this island. It is a very special tour. The Ilet Chancel is the biggest island of the Martinique and is located in the Robert. A boat will bring you there. Once you arrived on the island, you can choose if you prefer to ride a Jeep or a horse-drawn carriage. During your trip, enjoy the amazing fauna and flora. You can watch some beautiful birds, bats and iguana.

Furthermore, on this island, you can also taste some local foods. How about having some sea food for lunch? You can also relax on a beach. While visiting the island Chancel, you will also learn more about the history of the Martinique. You can indeed visit a former sugar refinery, a heritage site.

With Beyond the beach, discover the beauty of the Martinique!

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