Visiting Chancel islet in a unforgettable way

visiting Chancel islet in an unforgettable way

Visiting Chancel islet in a unforgettable way

visiting Chancel islet in an unforgettable wayVisiting Chancel islet is an adventure that you cannot miss! There, we will see some rare animals and beautiful trees. Welcome on this amazing island!

Robert’s bay has many little islands. One of them is the island of Chancel. It is the biggest of this region and the second most visited island of Martinique. During your stay, do you wish to admire this island in an original way? Beyond the beach has planned a trip for you on this island. Therefore, you can visit the island Chancel in an unforgettable way! Let’s learn more about it!

Why should you book a tour on Chancel islet?

Many reasons would explain why you should visit this island. But one of the most important reasons is that you will see a very rare animal called the iguana. Every year, according to the statistics, the number of this animal living in the island is increasing. Indeed, Chancel islet is a paradise for this lizard where this specie can develop and live in good conditions. Therefore, this is a big achievement because iguanas are facing extinction.

Another reason why you should definitely visit Chancel islet is because of the history of this place. An old sugar mill is located on this island. There, you will learn more about sugar cane cultivation. While having a walk around the island, you may also admire some amazing ruins. You will see some old wells and Dungeon. Those were used for slaves coming from Africa. Visiting them will also teach you more about the painful past of Martinique.  Some of the ruins are part of the French heritage.

Of course, Chancel islet is also a great place to admire some amazing fauna and flora. There, you will have the opportunity to see some “cursed” fig trees. As you might understand from the very strange name, it is a very particular tree. You can only find it in tropical regions. It is also called a strangler because of its way of growing and developing.

When one of its grains is falling of the branch of another tree, this fig tree will be able to grow. It will take the nutriments of this host tree until the last will be suffocated. Those fig trees are very huge and therefore quite impressive.

With Beyond the beach, you can visit Chancel islet with a horse-drawn carriage

Indeed, there is nothing better than a horse-drawn carriage to visit this island. On Chancel Islet, there aren’t a lot of shops. You won’t see many industries. It is still a quiet and peaceful place like it was before. The spirit of this island is still similar to what it was better, once it was still called the Island of Monsieur! Be reassured, you won’t be disappointed!

While visiting Chancel Islet, you can sometimes see a sheep walking around and completely free. Of course, those little details are making this island so special and charming.

You will get to know this island because of the knowledge of your guide. He will teach you all the things that you need to know about this very uncommon place. Therefore, you will admire the amazing flowers, trees and landscapes while listening to your guide and hearing the neigh of the horses. What a beautiful way to spend your holidays, don’t you think?

Furthermore, while visiting the island, you will also notice that you have an incredible view at many spots. This kind of landscapes, you cannot see it anywhere else than on Chancel Islet. Visiting this island will surely be an unforgettable memory of your stay in Martinique.

Why visiting Chancel Islet on a horse-drawn carriage?

It is a very special way to visit a place and will make your stay even more memorable. While sitting on this carriage, it seems that you just spend a day outside of your daily routine. It will make this trip even more special. Therefore, you will definitely spend an amazing day with your friends, family or partner.

A horse-drawn carriage can take between four or five persons. Of course, it depends of the weight of the visitors. If all of the members weight less than 70 kilograms, then five persons can fit inside the carriage. But if you all weight more than 70 kilograms, only four persons will fit inside.

However, if you are more than 5 persons, you can still visit Chancel Islet with Beyond the beach. In this case, let’s discover another way of visiting this island in an unforgettable way.

How about visiting Chancel islet by Jeep?

Visiting this island by Jeep will surely make this day special and unforgettable. The beautiful Chancel islet isn’t the only island of Martinique but it is surely the biggest. If you choose to visit this place by Jeep, you will leave a very memorable experience.

Without any problems, you will be able to visit the whole island. Let’s get ready for a day-trip full of discovery and fun.

Spending a day on Chancel islet by Jeep will definitely make you feel like you were an inhabitant of this island. You will admire all the animals, the amazing flora and some beautiful ruins. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed of your adventure. Be attentive and open your eyes: you will have the chance to see some iguanas. Maybe you can even take a photo of one of them. Wouldn’t that be a great memory?

With Beyond the beach, spend an unforgettable day on Chancel islet

Michel will be your guide. He will introduce you to the Chancel Islet. During your trip, you will overlook the bay of Le Robert until le Vauclin. Don’t miss those stunning views! After discovering and learning some important aspects of this island, it is time to take a break. How about enjoying a picnic style lunch on the Chancel islet and maybe having a swim or a nap on the beach?

During you trip, you will discover the ecosystem of this islands. Furthermore, if you choose to register for this trip, you will have the chance to visit the whole islet. The island has normally some restrictive access to the public. But with Beyond the beach, you will have an exclusive access to the whole island including the private parts of Chancel islet.

Beyond the beach is the best way to visit Martinique in a different and fun way. For more offers, please visit our website.

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