You  still not have chosen  your  destination for the holidays ?! We’re going to give you ten good reasons to spend your holidays in Martinique without further delay .

For this purpose, BEYOND THE BEACH your specialist in touristic  excursion and transfer , has concocted you this guide for spending  dream holidays on the island  without bankrupt yourself !

Before leaving…

1.Choose the right flight to Martinique

No more time to waste , summer is right here !And first and foremost, forget the  legend of the cut-label trips « last minute ».Yes , a  well-prepared trip is a successful trip ! And this made part of the essentials.Like so , you will enjoy the best rates  for your plane tickets , because the more you wait and more the rates for the places increase going to simple or  three times more for some airlines.An advice , use the  ticket comparators to  find the best rates for flying to Martiniquue. So take your calendar,your favourite screen(smartphone or tablet ), rendezvous on Internet  for subscribing  to the newsletter and receive promotion alerts.


2.Prepare your Martinique’s holidays guide

Forget the combined trips full of  commission  added to the original price  here and there.Create your own itinerary of visit by documenting yourself on Martinique (the website www.beyondthebeach.fr  or www.martiniqueexcursion.com (english website) tells you  all is good to know in Martinique on its blog-go ! You will maximize your days for  a low price  , and you will be able to make your own price comparisons ,see all type of excursion providers.  Are you not feeling the increase of adrenaline at the idea of this trip that you will plan according to your wishes,your tastes,your passions ?So  start  the countdown until the D day .As of now, do  your  wishes list  and your daily  schedule.


3.Notice  the good outing deals in Martinique

Many of them promise you the best rates for visiting Martinique . Hotels, websites, tourist guides, the offer grows everyday ! How to make a choice among all these offers ?Well, first of all , you have to know  what Martinique has of most beautiful !In the south,white sand beaches for farniente days worthy of postcards.Or else in the north , dark sand  beaches due to the  past volcanic  activity, to satisfy your thirst of discovery.Rivers and waterfalls where hiding a remarkable fauna and flora , and a local gastronomy strong in spiced flavour.In this way, Martinique is a destination for all types of tourism, green and countryside, farniente and culinary, but not only…It’s  up to you ! In any case, the safest means is to contact us by email contact@beyondthebeach.fr and we will do our best to help you in your holidays project in Martinique !


4.Fill your budget

A trip is a budget , we know that, and there are some tricks which can permit you to fill your budget without  ruining yourself.First of all, save a holidays  piggy bank’s who will serve for your side cost.But more seriously, you can sell some old stuff that nobody use anymore, because as you know , if you don’t use it at least one time a year, you will probably never use it again.And if you are owner, you can also rent you house during your stay, and even your car passing by the booking platforms, enough to do a great budget !


5.Save money on your accommodation

The accommodation is usually one the  biggest points of  expenses  for holidays.It’s the moment to make the point about new accommodation concepts.We all know the classic models  not too expensive as youth hostel and guestroom.On the hotels’s side , we can also make good deals  without actually reduce on the quality of the service ,with specialized websites.But new concepts  even more advantageous are growing more and more , it’s the case for home exchanges and  the newly  principle of caretaking proposed by websites : illidor , gardiennage-vacances or partirtranquille . The advantage of the housing in Martinique  rather than the hotel, is that you will be more able to invest in  excursions ith Beyond the Beach in order to discover Martinique some  other way and an authentic way ,and by the way it’s  our promise !

We’re there ! You are on holidays…


6.Favour the right means of transportation  in Martinique

Walking is the best way to eliminate the excess of holidays  and it made the balance well.The public transportation in Martinique are less expensive than a car rental , but there is a shortage of organization.And if you like being independent, you will call on car rental  between privates which is growing on the island and reveal itself being a good deal.Also , you can opt for customizable option of excursions and transfers. You will discover Martinique in a private vehicle , or with a small group , you will enjoy  a driver and as a bonus , a tour led by a professional local guide, passionate  by the richness and culture of Martinique .Nothing better  to enjoy the comfort of a car without the stress . Contact us by email  contact@beyondthebeach.fr to know our rates.

7.Taste the best martinican dishes

Come to Martinique and discover  the various flavours of its spicy  and  sophisticated gastronomy. The island offers a remarkable diversity of fruits and vegetables.The green lemon(the basic ingredient of the « ti-punch » on the island), the passion fruit or maracudja(delicious in handmade ice-cream), guavas and mangos  fill the stands on the market.The coconut also made part of them,and cassava, christophines and sweet potatoes are some of the well appreciate vegetables.Yes, Creole cooking is full of Caribbean,African,Indian and European influence.We find the finesse of the aroma from the East, the strenght of the African flavours and the elegance of French cooking.For the first course, you will have the choice between the famous accras, the traditional blood sausage or else the delicious  « féroce d’avocat ». For the main course, we recommend you the typical « blaffs » with fish or the well-known Colombo of chicken, others seafood like lobster or grilled red snapper ; it’s really  tempting no ?  For the dessert , the choice is big, between the « blanc-manger » , the « tourments d’amour », little cakes filed with marmelade or the handmade coconut ice cream ;the dishes of the Creole cooking will always stoke your eyes and your palate. Creole cooking is just as well delicious  with a local and Beyond the Beach knows something  about that.Take advantage of your holidays to enjoy local  tasty dishes , cooked by locals who will welcome you warmly in their house for breakfast or lunch.You will spend a pleasant moment and will exchange with Martinicans  while drinking a « ti-punch » qith some « accras ».Don’t worry, the bill will be light, menus are between 25 and 45 euros only !


8.Discover the best places for buting souvenirs

You used to buy your souvenirs in duty-free, you know, those places that we find in big cities or more often at the airports.Well, even though habits are hard to change , we going to give you the best reasons to change them.Yes , souvenirs , we can’t leave without bringing some and the dream will be to buy some without intermediary , directly to the place where they from for most of of them, on the local markets. You will be happy to see this  mass of culture and traditio in a same and unique place, smelling the perfume of spices and others land products(banana flour, cassava flour, honey, syrup and marmelade) which you will able to take in your luggage.The choice is important and creativity is on point, handmade objects and jewellery in coconut leaves, in mahogany,set of spices and aromas, madras creation, but also local products and especially the homemade liquors !Also , you will come out better off,because you will be able to negociate and make good deals , don’t forget it !You are at the market place and the vendors are really warm .So just one address :the markets ! The most famous and the bigger  is that one  of the chief town Fort-de-France. Say that you are coming from us ! It’s a authentic experience  and we guarantee it !

Holidays are finished….


9.Get yourself reward for your  trip

Yes, holidays are finished, back to the daily  reality  , but did you think about  make yourself reward by your transportation company ? Your  booking platform ? No ? So just one word, make your loyalty card to be reward by the airlines with miles  wich wil give you the right to be upgrade , discount  or free tickets !Yes , loyalty is now rewarded !Take advantage !!

As for us , we love  satisfy you in the best way to keep you and for that, we don’t hesitate  to give good discounts to our loyal  customers or those who recommend us- did you know that !?At this point , I hope you see more clear for your future stay.No doubt that you will come to Martinique  and we hope this article  has contributed in your decision.

Don’t hesitate  to comment and share this  content with all your people !

See you for more good deals with www.beyondthebeach.fr or www.martiniqueexcursion.com (english website)





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